Current Projects

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Concealed Double Roller Blinds to Sliding Doors

Two sets of roller blinds to the full length of the sliding doors, concealed within a bulkhead formed to house the blinds. The front blind is a sheer fabric to help with control of sunlight and the rear fabric is a colourful and patterned fabric for use later in the day, to provide privacy when having dinner etc.
Overall 6 blinds installed, 3x double blinds each approx 2m wide and 2.2m drop, spanning the 6m width of the doors.
All motorised and automated with Somfy.

Large Roman blinds with Dress Curtains

About as big as you can go with Roman blinds in one piece, these blinds are made up in Linwood Zues fabric for a subtle statement and to carry through the chevrons from the herringbone floor.
We designed, made and installed 2 blinds, the first is approx 2.5m wide x 2m drop, the second is 1.8m wide x 2.4m drop.
Both motorised (plug in electric) and automated with Somfy TaHoma.


Motorise existing Roman blinds

Our customer had numerous existing roman blinds around the house and got fed up opening and closing them each morning and night - to the point that they stopped closing them altogether. 
We retrofitted motorised headrails to them all and added a Somfy TaHoma automation module, so the blinds automatically open each morning and close each night, with no need for the customer to touch the blinds again.

3.5m wide Roller Blind to sliding doors

Our customer wanted one roller blind to fit to the full width of their sliding doors. At 3.5m wide and 2.2m drop it wasn't easy but with an extra wide fabric, railroaded to run horizontally, we were able to make this work for them. All mortised and automated with Somfy TaHoma, and linked to the customers own Alexa smart speaker to allow voice operation.